Friday, July 9, 2010

Stupid Love storys!!

 When u r attracted to somebody following stuffs happen:
1.Sometimes u reallly reaallly reallly like dat person n think about him/her al d tym!
2.As u get close to d person, u always wanna get closer n spend more tym.
3.N finally u get into a relationship n all n bug ppl around u (Specially if u r frm those"love birds" category...)!!
4.n wen u r bored after doin al dese(generally after 3-4 months), u start fightin.
5.den u bug ppl around u wid ur fights..
6.N finally after breakin up,u bug ppl by bitchin around about ur ex!

Basically, u urself r bored in want some1 to entertain e1 dat person is bored in u guys come together n bore each other n also ppl around u!!!!!
Guys plz wake up n get a life...!! Do somethin different frm al dese stupid stuff!!!!

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